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Carl F. Grant Civic Center Wedding for Veronica & Kirk

Digital Music Services Wedding DJ & Coordinating. Photo by: SB James Photography

Carl  F. Grant Civic Center Wedding for Veronica & Kirk

Veronica and Kirk hired Digital Music Services to provide them with the Gold package which included our Wedding DJ and Coordinating services for their wedding in Plaquemine, LA at the Carl F. Grant Civic Center. We loved working with them every step of the way.  Moreover, they trusted our suggestions for how we could incorporate their vision and the things that were important to them.

With many months of planning, preparing and anticipation of how everything would unfold on their wedding day, it finally arrived!  They were a perfect match for each other.  Their photographers, SB James Photography, were able to capture special moments like the one pictured here.  He gazed into her eyes, while she held his hands…a magical moment to say the least!  Veronica & Kirk were a wonderful couple to work with.  Their first dance was so meaningful to both of them.  Hence, you could tell that from how they held each other and looked into each others eyes.  These two were entwined from the introduction until the very end of their first dance song by “George Strait called I Crossed My Heart“.

Their reception was full of happy people dancing, singing and even doing a show-off or two.  Not sure exactly who won the show-offs, let’s just say it was a draw!  Their requested songs were spot on and got everyone up and on their feet.  We love it when a couple knows exactly what they want played at their reception and their guests enjoy them as well.

In the end, we were able to get a video testimonial from Veronica & Kirk and boy were we thrilled at what they had to say!  Making memories is what we strive to create for all of our clients, these two made it easy. To view the testimonial, click below:

Thanks Veronica and Kirk!