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DMS Equipment Rentals
Our "rental department" items are available by appointment ONLY, Monday - Saturday, 10:00 AM - Noon. All prices are for (1) 24 hour period, excluding Sundays and holidays. Local sales taxes are not included. All items are picked up & returned to us at our location, unless delivery or setup is included. Delivery is available for an extra charge, contact us for rates. Security Deposits are required and will be refunded with properly handled returns. All rental item's shown are in our inventory and subject to availabilty. Rentals can only be reserved within 30 days of the requested rental dates. Technical support is not included in the rental fee. Equipment is only reserved with a 50% deposit paid prior to the pickup date. We are not a retail store, no walk up's will be accepted. You must reserve the equipment in advance with a paid deposit and make an appointment to pick it up - No execptions!

Music System Rentals

Item # Desc. Price Comments
SYS1 Powered Speaker Package $100.00 2) Powered speakers, 2) Stands and all cables necessary to hook everything up.
SYS2 Powered Speaker Package $115.00 2) Powered Speakers, stands & Cables for your I-Pod or Mp3 player. This system is perfect for Small Parties, Barbeques, etc... Add $150.00 if we set it up and remove it.
SYS3 Powered Speaker Package $150.00 2) Powered Speakers, stands & Cables for our Mp3 player. Includes (1) MP3 player with 40 of your favorite songs. This system is perfect for Small Parties, Barbeques, etc... Add $150.00 if we set it up and remove it.
SYS4 Powered Speaker Package $300.00 2) Powered Speakers, our pre-programmed Mp3 Player & Cables. This system is perfect for Small Parties, Barbeques, Parades, Mardi Gras Floats, etc... Installation & removal included.
DJSYS DJ System $300.00 2) Powered speakers, stands, CD Players, headphones and (1) wired microphone. Includes delivery, set up, testing and removal within a 25 mile radius. Does not include any music. For distances greater than 25 miles, request a quote from us.
Note: For Parades and/or Mardi Gras floats, please see SYS4 above. This is the only system we have available for Parades and/or Mardi Gras floats. Sorry, no execptions!

Speakers, Stands & Amps

Item # Desc. Price Comments
SPK1 Speaker $ 50.00 1) Powered Speaker w/stand & hook up cables (American Audio Single 15" Woofer / 1" Horn)
SWedge Monitor Wedge Speaker $ 25.00 1) Non Powered Monitor Speaker (Single 12" Woofer / 1" Horn)
SP-2 Peavey Sp-2 Speaker $ 30.00 1) Non Powered Performance Speaker (Single 15" woofer / 1" Horn)
SP-4 Peavey Sp-4 Speaker $ 50.00 1) Non Powered Performance Speaker (Dual 15" woofers / 1" Horn)
SSTAND Speaker Stand $  5.00 1) Steel HD speaker stand (These are included in with our speaker rentals).
CS800X Peavey Power Amp $ 30.00 1) Peavey power amp for use with Non Powered speakers

Mixers, Microphones, Snakes, Stands & Cables

Item # Desc. Price Comments
M-Mixer Mackie Mixer $ 35.00 Mackie 1202 VLZ Pro 12 channel mixer with built in phantom power.
100-Snake Audio Snake $ 25.00 100' audio snake with 12 sends & 4 returns. All connections are balanced XLR.
WLMIC-UHF Shure Wireless Mic $ 50.00 Choose either a Hand Held or Lavalier with each system rented. Good for long distances (0' - 100').
WMIC Wired Microphone $  7.00 1) Wired microphone to be used with other equipment (mixer, self powered speaker, etc.)
MS1 Microphone Stand $  5.00 1) Microphone Stand (Boom or Straight Style) with butterfly microphone clip
MXLR15 1/4" to XLR Cable $  3.00 1/4" Phone Plug to XLR(f) microphone cable 15' long
XLR25 XLR 25' Cable $  5.00 XLR to XLR microphone cable 25' long
XLR50 XLR 50' Cable $  10.00 XLR to XLR microphone cable 50' long
MP3-6 Mp3 or I-pod 6' Cable $  10.00 1/8" Mini stereo to Dual RCA Plugs 6' long. Used to connect your player to our powered speakers
MP3-25 Mp3 or I-pod 25' Cable $  15.00 1/8" Mini stereo extension cable 25' long. Used to connect your player to our powered speakers.

Audio Playback Devices

Item # Desc. Price Comments
MP3P MP3 Player $ 25.00 Small stand alone Mp3 player with battery and 6' connecting cable to be used with your equipment. Music not included. We can program it with any music you like, contact us for details and prices.
CD1 CD Player $ 25.00 Stand alone pro grade CD player (line level output)
CD2 Cassette Deck $ 25.00 Stand alone pro grade Cassette deck (line level output)
MD1 Mini Disc Playback $ 25.00 Sony Mini Disc Playback unit, rack mounted (line level output)


Item # Desc. Price Comments
A-LIGHTS Accent & Up Lighting $300.00 Accent / Up lighting package. Includes 4 wireless battery operated BRIGHT LED accent lights. 32,000 colors available. These units will last 8 hours on a single charge. Up to 12 units are available, call for quantity pricing. Click here to see some examples.
S-LIGHTS Simple Dance Floor Lights $200.00 Complete Standard "Dance Floor" lighting package. Includes everything you need. 4 Lights, stand and connecting cables. Click here to see them in action.
D-LIGHTS Deluxe Dance Floor Lights $250.00 Complete Deluxe "Dance Floor" lighting package. Includes 4 Chauvet moving mirror lights, stand, and connecting cables. Click here to see them in action.
G-LIGHT Gobo Light $200.00 This is a special light that can project a company logo or a wedding couples monogram / initals / name on the dance floor. To see an example, click here. Unit can be set for image to be stationary or rotating slowly. includes stand, mounting bracket, 15' AC extention cord and instructions.


Item # Desc. Price Comments
TBL6 Table $ 15.00 One 6' long standard table (Add $5.00 for a table cloth & skirt)
AC100 AC Ext. Cord $ 10.00 100' long, Heavy Duty 12/3 AC Extension Cord
AV50 AV Cable Kit $ 20.00 Assorted Audio cables and adapters to connect your Laptop or DVD to an audio system (up to 50' long)
BH1 Bullhorn (Megaphone) $ 10.00 Hand held battery operated bullhorn. Great for Outdoor activies; Races, Camping, Rallies, School Functions, Wedding Reception Exits, or any other place where there isn't an existing sound system. Requires (4) "D" cell batteries (not included)
PGSS Prgrammable Scrolling Sign $ 25.00 Any message can be programmed into our sign, Big 3" colored letters and variable scrolling speed. Happy Birthday, Anniversary, etc.. (Basic programming included in the rental fee)
RTA Real Time Analyzer $ 25.00 D.O.D. Real Time Analyzer with calibrated microphone in a rack mounted case

Clear Com Power Supplies, Belt Packs & Headsets

Item # Desc. Price Comments
CCWBase Clear-Com Base Unit $ 30.00 Clear-Com stand alone base station
CCWBP Clear-Com Belt Pack $ 12.50 Clear-Com RS-501 Belt Pack (Single Channel)
CCWHS Clear-Com Headset $ 12.50 Clear-Com Compatible Headset (Headset only)
CCWBPK Clear-Com Beltpack Kit $ 25.00 Clear-Com Compatible Headset, Belt Pack with a 25' XLR Cable
TELWL Telex Wireless Clear-Com Kit $ 50.00 Includes (1) wireless base station, (1) belt pack & (2) headsets. Only (1) set is available for rental.

Contact us for all of your short term rental needs at  337-261-0707

Please note, the following part number have changed effective Jan. 1, 2015

SPSPK1 - SPK1, MP3-1 - MP3-6, MP3-2 - MP3-25, MP31 - MP3P